Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Meet the Families on ‘The Bachelor’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Meet the Families on ‘The Bachelor’

By Emily Hoff

In the latest celebrity news, it was meet the family week on The Bachelor. Ben Higgins visited the ladies hometowns and met the most important people in the ladies lives. Of course the families gave a lot of relationship advice, and some were even skeptical of Ben. However, the girls ended the episode saying they knew they were in love with him and wanted to express their love to him.

Celebrity News: Meet the Families on ‘The Bachelor’

This week, in reality TV, Ben went to Laguna Beach to see Amanda’s hometown and met her two beautiful daughters. He also got to see the girls throw a few temper tantrums. Amanda’s family was concerned about Ben being a dad right away and to be honest, Ben is a little worried too. Then, he went to visit Lauren B’s hometown which is Portland, Oregon. She took Ben to a few local food trucks and a whiskey library. Lauren feels like she’s falling in love with Ben, but wants her family’s approval first before saying anything. Her sister is skeptical, but it seems like the family won’t be an issue.

Ben then goes and visits Caila in Hudson Ohio. Caila also feels like she is falling in love with Ben and wants to tell him but decides against it. JoJo’s meet the family had an interesting start. Her ex showed up and gave her roses and a letter to tell her that he still loves her. She tells her ex that she is done with him, then ends up talking to Ben about it. Ben is a little worried, saying that past relationships with girls are always something to worry about it. With JoJo’s family, her brothers are worried about Ben and don’t want her to get hurt. In celebrity news, Amanda is sent home this week in the rose ceremony and Ben even tears up when she’s leaving. So who do we think will stay or go this week?

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Lauren B: I think Ben should get down on one knee right now. He has such a good connection with her and Lauren B. is in love with him.

Stay or Go: She should stay in Ben’s heart forever, because hopefully he is going to propose!

Caila: I don’t know why but I find Caila crazy. I think she is more in love with Ben, then he is with her.

Stay or Go: Go.

JoJo: If Lauren B. doesn’t get proposed to then I think, JoJo will. Hopefully her brothers and her ex did not mess anything up.

Stay or Go: Stay!

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We are down to the last three now and we can’t wait to see what happens on next week episode when the girls go to Jamaica.

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c. Check back next week for our recap!