Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How To Flirt With A Little TouchCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: How To Flirt With A Little Touch

In this week’s Single in Stilettos episode, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks dating advice with Patty Contenta, founder of Sensuality Secrets, about how to get sensual with a little touch. Professional ballroom dancer turned relationship expert, Contenta adapted her smooth moves from the dance floor to the playground of dating to turn heads and even get an encore in the form of a date. “I was this really sultry, mysterious, alluring woman and I wondered if I could be this in everyday life and if that would help me in my dating scenario,” Contenta says.

Relationship Experts Talk Dating Advice On Flirting

1. Touch any item on him you enjoy. It can be his watch, tie, even the lapels on his jacket, Contenta says. Acknowledge these things and compliment them. Perhaps even get him to share the story behind these items. But touching rather than simply asking will leave an imprint.

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2. Touch his extremities. A great dating tip from Contenta: Extremities are a safe zone. His shoulder, arm, wrist, hand. The simple physical connection between your hands can calm him, make him feel comfortable, and it shows that you appreciate him and what he has to say.

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3. Touch his lower back. Touching a guy’s lower back as you walk by is a great way to make him remember you. Contenta shares the dating advice that the higher back is safer than the lower, but this touch will come naturally as the chemistry develops.

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For her best piece of dating and relationship advice, Contenta says: Eye contact, smiling, self touch. “I’m here, I’m present, I’m in my feminine, and I’m with you,” she adds.

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