Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice On How To Flirt With MenCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice On How To Flirt With Men

In this week’s episode of Single in Stilettos, founder of the dating advice site and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima sat down with dating and flirting expert, Tracey Steinberg to share tips on how to flirt with men.

Dating Advice On Flirting With Men

Civil litigation attorney turned dating expert, Steinberg knows a thing or two about men, love and how to get him to fall in love by the power of flirting. “Flirting is one of life’s greatest pleasures and if you’re missing out on it that’s a shame,” Steinberg says. “As women it’s our right to flirt, let’s not give that up.” Below are a few of her tips on how to flirt with men!

1. Eye contact. Flirting is about nonverbal language and your inner voice shines through your eyes. Show him you’re interested in him by making strong eye contact, while keeping the spoken conversation light and fun.

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2. Complement freely. Confident men love to be around women who make them feel confident and who support what makes them so confident. A great piece of dating advice: men love being complimented just as much as women. Steinberg said men swoon over compliments about features like their biceps, because they work out routinely waiting for a cute girl to notice.

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3. Align yourself with his passions. If you’re talking about what he loves, he’s going to love talking to you. Maybe the conversation will continue to a second date at a fancy restaurant (we like the way Steinberg thinks!). If you find yourself wanting to have this conversation, but getting lost in it, be honest and have him teach you a thing or two. He’ll love it.

4. Let him feel confident that you’re interested. The relationship expert said even the most confident men fear rejection. If you really want that date with him, make it clear to him that you would go on a date with him. Men need to be built up just like women do.

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5. Light conversation. This is not your therapist you’re talking to, in fact he’s hardly more than a stranger: do not spill your problems out on the table. Keep the conversation light and silly; keep up the enthusiasm and talk about things that make you feel confident. And never forget to be the authentic woman you are!

These dating tips should help you land your first date with your new, big-biceped guy and once you do put Steinberg’s best piece of dating and relationship advice to work: “Treat him like royalty.”

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