Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Find Out If Men Really Want the ‘Cool Girl’Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Find Out If Men Really Want the ‘Cool Girl’

By Abbi Comphel

When you ask many guys what they’re looking for in a woman, they said they “just want the ‘cool girl’.” The problem is, everyone has their own opinion on what qualifications a girl must have to be the ‘cool girl’. That being said, mostly this girl will be hot, smart, funny, and will love football. Of course, that’s not an exhaustive list, and it totally depends on the guy in question.. Maybe he is just looking for a girl who has a great personality and who will love him. The question is, do men really want the ‘cool girl,’ or do they want bits and pieces of multiple definitions of a ‘cool girl’?

Cupid has some dating and relationship advice on what makes a ‘cool girl’ and what men are looking for:

1. Understanding: Guys are looking for someone who understands them. If they want to go out with their buddies for the night, they want you to be totally okay with that. They don’t want a girl who is going to watch their every move and not trust them when they just want a night out with the fellas.

2. Healthy: They want a girl who looks good and has a nice body. That’s a given, because being attracted to your partner is key in every relationship. Each guy has their own preference, but they are most likely looking for a girl who is healthy and loves her body just as much as he will.

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3. Funny: A great sense of humor is always a huge plus. They want someone who will laugh and joke with them. They don’t want a girl who is going to get upset over a small joke. If you can dish the jokes back at them, then that is even better.

4. Smart: A guy always wants a girl who has not only beauty, but brains. He will always be looking to see if you can keep a conversation and have the smarts to hold your own. He wants someone who he can have meaningful conversations with when the time comes.

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5. Yourself: Just be yourself. If you can be the best version of yourself, then that makes you a ‘cool girl’ no matter what. There is nobody else like you, and that is what will make you unique for special guys. Be confident with who you are and always strive to be happy.

What do you think qualifies a girl as being cool? Comment below!