Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 7 Warning Signs That You May Be Dating a Taken ManCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 7 Warning Signs That You May Be Dating a Taken Man

By Mackenzie Scibetta

The only situation more traumatizing than discovering your man is with a secret woman, is realizing that you have unknowingly been the “secret woman” to a man and his wife or girlfriend. Devastating to a woman’s self-esteem, this type of relationship needs to be stopped before it takes off into something more serious. The typical man who is already taken will be manipulative, uncommunicative and cautious. Watch out for those telling traits, as well as other signs that your lover may be in another commitment.

Look at Cupid’s dating advice on the most revealing signs that your man is taken: 

1. He’s overly protective of his phone: One reason your significant other doesn’t want you to touch their phone might be because there are incriminating messages, phone calls or photos on it. If he keeps his phone hidden and becomes defensive when you ask about who he’s talking to, that hints he’s hiding at least something, whether it is another woman or not is for you to decide.

2. He doesn’t invite you to his place: This could be for the fact that he has a wife, girlfriend, or even kids at home. To keep this other life veiled from you, he will likely always suggest heading to your home instead. All and any excuse will be brought out to mislead you from the real reason you cannot visit his place.

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3. He doesn’t talk about his friends or family: Opening up about his friends, or even introducing you, could potentially lead to you finding out details about his other significant other. Naturally, if your man is taken then he will keep you as distanced as possible from anyone who knows that he is deceiving you.

4. He is not active on social media: This sign is significantly important, especially in our modern age where everyone and their grandparents have at least one form of social media. This lack of an online presence suggests he does not want to be found, tracked or followed.

5. He stays quiet about past relationships: A cheating man will not share many details about his past relationship because, technically, his past relationship is also one of his current. To prevent slipping up on information or accidentally giving clues to another woman he will likely completely avoid any topic about past romances and will become agitated at the mention of it.

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6. He always calls you when he’s out of the house: Whether it’s from the supermarket, post office, or sidewalk he will make sure that your voice is not heard inside of his home. He uses these outside places to avoid his home life, where a girlfriend or wife awaits him.

7. He’s always busy on the weekends: It’s hard to sneak in time with you on the weekend when his wife/girlfriend knows he is off from work. Attached men cannot afford to be spontaneous or adventurous. They can only stick to safe zones and days when they know they will have an excuse.

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