Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Ways to Keep Boundaries with Your ‘Work Spouse’Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: 5 Ways to Keep Boundaries with Your ‘Work Spouse’

By Katie Gray

The concept of having a “work spouse” is becoming more and more common in the workplace. In this day and age, people are typically working more hours than they used to. This means that they are also spending more time with their co-workers, which includes the opposite sex. This type of relationship is similar to having a real spouse — it’s someone to support you through life, but without the sexual benefits. conducted a survey among a diverse range of industries and found that out of the 693 people surveyed, 32% said they have or have had previously, a “work spouse.” This type of relationship is on the rise!

Cupid has some dating and relationship advice on how you can keep boundaries with your work spouse:

1. Don’t share too much personal information: While at work and interacting with your work spouse, don’t overshare personal information. It’s important to keep the relationship light and happy. If you overshare things from your private life, the relationship won’t be strictly professional anymore. Be personable without crossing the line.

2. Don’t go out drinking together: Dr. Phil’s advice on this subject is, “Don’t drink with your work spouse. When you drink, boundaries get blurred.” Therefore; keep the relationship professional and no conflicts will arise.

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3. Be honest: The most important thing is honesty when it involves this topic. Make sure your work spouse is aware if you have a real spouse or significant other. If you do, be sure to tell your partner about your work spouse as well so there are no secrets. Sources say that it’s good to even have them meet, so there is no room for paranoia or tension.

4. Avoid frequently talking about your work spouse at home: Although you love being around your work spouse and have many inside jokes and stories, it’s best to avoid talking about them too much at home. There needs to be a distinction between your work life and your home life. It could potentially hurt your partner’s feelings if you bring up your work spouse too much. However; it’s good to casually mention them and share information.

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5. Communicate appropriately: Even if your work spouse is your favorite co-worker by far, make sure that you are still communicating and interacting with other employees. This way it won’t seem like you and your work spouse are exclusive and like a clique. Your fellow co-workers and the people in your personal life should all be aware of this strictly platonic relationship in the workplace. With effective communication, everyone will remain on the same page.

How have you maintained boundaries with your own work spouse? Share your stories below!