Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Marriage Survival Guide for Tough TimesCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Advice: Marriage Survival Guide for Tough Times

By Kyanah Murphy

If there’s one thing we can all learn from being in a relationship, it’s that they’re full of seriously wonderful moments including smiles, laughter, intimacy, and love. I guess that’s why when people think of marriage, they think of fairy tales and happily ever after stories. But with everything good, there are also difficulties that can arise in a relationship. No two people are perfect, and life certainly isn’t perfect, either. Hard situations and misunderstandings come up, which means that arguments are bound to happen. They’re not pleasant to experience but they’re aspects of a relationship that cannot be avoided – they’re normal. There is some good news, though. Given how you handle your tough times, you and your partner can come out on top, stronger and closer than ever. So if you’re fearing the worst, put your mind at ease. Cupid has some relationship advice that is sure to help.

What are some pieces of relationship advice that will allow you to hang on tight during tough times in your marriage?

1. Let yourself feel your emotions and accept them: Of course we don’t want to feel sad or angry or upset. We are people, though, so it’s bound to happen.. Accept this and any emotion you’re feeling at the time as normal. Don’t try to bottle it up, as it’ll just bubble underneath the surface until it finally explodes.

2. Talk about how you feel: Turn to your spouse. That’s what they’re there for! However, if you have friends or family who you feel comfortable speaking with, speak to them as well (or instead). If your situation is very difficult for you to handle, consider looking to a professional to help.

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3. Accept and give comfort: If your spouse wants to hug you, let them, even if you don’t want a hug right now. The same goes for if they want a kiss or to cuddle. This can help bring down any walls that have been built up and may also serve as an expression of love and care. At the same time, don’t forget to give love and comfort to your spouse, even if they don’t want it.

4. Be patient: Sometimes for whatever reason, people think that tough times are going to last forever. In the lyrics of Katy Perry’s song “Firework”, after a hurricane comes a rainbow. You may not be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that’s only because you’re not there yet. Be patient and you will get there. Remember the vows you took, too!

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5. Give yourself some “me” time: Throughout these tough times, don’t forget to set aside time for yourself. Give yourself space from your partner and allow yourself to regroup. Dive into things you enjoy that lift your spirits, be it crafts, writing, going for walks, or simply cuddling a cat. Whatever brings you enjoyment, do it. Take care of yourself.

6. Don’t avoid the tough times: Don’t ignore tough times when they come up. Avoidance or acting like everything is fine won’t resolve whatever problems you and your spouse are going through. Odds are, depending on the circumstances, this tough time will end up repeating itself if ignored.

What are some ways you handle tough times in your marriage or relationship? Comment below.