Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: How To Impress Her DadCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: How To Impress Her Dad

By David Wygant

So you’ve met somebody you really care about. You’ve exchanged the “I like you’s.” You might have even exchanged the “I love you’s.” You’re talking about a future — or at least something to do next month. And then all of a sudden she says, “My parents are in town this weekend, and I’d love for you to come to dinner with us.”

David Wygant Shares Expert Dating Advice to Impress Her Dad

You’ve heard all about her mom, and you think, “She’s a mother; mothers are easy.” All you need to do is flirt with her the same way you flirted with her daughter. Well, not exactly the same way, but mothers always want their daughters to find a relationship and love. Mothers are always looking at the man the daughter brings home, and as long as he’s well-behaved and dresses well, you’re fine.

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But what about the father? You’ve heard she’s a daddy’s girl. You’ve heard that her father is really difficult, and you’ve heard many other intimidating things about him. How do you impress the dad? According to my expert dating advice, it comes down to this: The father is always the toughest one, especially if he was a good dad and his daughter was his princess. He’s going to want to make sure that the man she picked is strong and confident.

I have a daughter. She’s far from dating age, but the way I am bringing my daughter up is the way I want a man to treat her. I want him to listen to her. I want him to respect her. I want him to allow her to blossom and grow. And that’s what it’s all about.

When you meet the dad, he’s the one that is going to have his eyes glaring at you like an eagle on top of a mountain. He wants to make sure you’re good enough for his little girl. In his eyes, she will always be his little girl. You are going to need to impress him, and doing that is very simple.

If she’s serious about you, he wants to know what your life action plan is, how motivated you are, and how much money you make (without bringing up the number). Maybe you want to become an entrepreneur. Talk about your job. Talk about everything in the positive. He wants to see a motivated man because, if you’re the guy that is going to give him grandchildren, he wants to make sure you’re going to be able to support them all when she’s barefoot and pregnant.

Be a gentleman. Open the door for her. Hold her hand. Treat her with respect. Smile when she talks. Have eye contact. Find out how he wants to be addressed. For instance, if he’s a military man, he might want to be called sir.

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Share your stories. Share your sports interests. Is he into fantasy football? What’s his favorite sports team? It’s all just bonding. Learn about his business ahead of time. Research some things to help you make conversation. It’s all about making a connection. Find ways to bond with him because, deep down, he’s just a guy.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the way you treat his daughter in his presence and your life goals. That’s what going to make a father feel comfortable about the man in his daughter’s life.

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