Cupid's Pulse Article: How to Meet A Man on HalloweenCupid's Pulse Article: How to Meet A Man on Halloween

By David Wygant

I know. You’re about to unlock the inner bad girl version of you for Halloween. Some of you love to dress up as sexy school girls. Some of you are even more rambunctious and like to dress up as a naughty nurse. Maybe you’re the dominating dominatrix, the meanest witch, or the cutest little ghost a man has ever seen. That’s what I love about this holiday. It allows the inner woman, that naughty version of you, to come flying out. To you, it’s just staying in costume all night long.

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Halloween is also one of the most overhyped nights of the year. This year, it’s coming on a Friday night. Everybody’s going to want to go out and party, have fun, and meet someone before the cold winter settles in, before you really need a broomstick to fly you down to Florida to warm your hooked nose and evil brew.

So what is a woman to do to meet a man on Halloween? It’s simple.  It’s not you who’s flirting; it’s the naughty little witch. Perhaps it’s the dirty schoolgirl, the cute little ghost, or the Disney princess. Halloween gives you the opportunity to be audacious like never before, to spend the night approaching men. It’s the only night of the year when you can be bold beyond belief and do things you normally wouldn’t — because it’s not really you doing it. It’s the character you’re playing.

If you really want to meet a man on Halloween, the best thing to do is comment on his costume. Whether it’s creative, sexy, or funny, just say something nice to him. This is your chance to practice flirting skills you don’t use on a daily basis. It gives you an opportunity to work on your conversation skills and be playful. Halloween is just another day. You can use those same skills and approaches on men on a regular basis, but tonight, it’ll be even more fun.

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You might even walk around with a bag of candy, giving out Hershey’s kisses to men. Or you can walk around with a little pumpkin and have men fill your basket. Halloween is an opportunity to get outside yourself. Get over the self-conscious feelings and get into a character you always wanted to be. It gives you an opportunity to boldly approach a really sexy guy…because it’s not really you saying hello!

So dress up, flirt, and stay in character. When the conversation gets good, jump out of character so he can see the real, relaxed version of you. That’s all you need to do to meet a man on Halloween.

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