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Sep 22, 2020 0

Benefits of TikTok’s Latest Food Trend: Cloud Bread

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Cupid's Pulse Article: Benefits of TikTok’s Latest Food Trend: Cloud Bread
Cloud Bread. Photo: Pixabay.com

By Nicole Maher

From rainbow bagels to edible gold, we certainly have seen no shortage of food trends introduced to us through our favorite social media platforms. Every day we log onto Instagram or Twitter, we will likely be faced with a new super fruit, elaborate dessert, or a full-on diet plan. The newest food trend to make the list, brought to us by none other than Tik Tok, is cloud bread. Not only does cloud bread have a fun name and appetizing appearance, but it also comes with a long list of benefits. With its numerous uses and airy consistency, it may just be the newest must-have in your current diet. 

Find out five benefits of cloud bread, the latest food trend from Tik Tok.

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