Cupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara Documents Emmys Date with Celebrity Love Joe ManganielloCupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara Documents Emmys Date with Celebrity Love Joe Manganiello

By Kyanah Murphy

The winner of this year’s award for sexiest celebrity love goes to Sofia Vergara and her fiance Joe Manganiello. shares with us the highlights of Vergara’s 2015 Emmys night. Through documentation of her Emmys date with her handsome celebrity love, Sofia Vergara shows us the amazing night she had at the awards show. While Vergara was glamorous on the red carpet, once she took her seat she went from glam to chill. Along with popcorn munching and Lady Gaga meeting, Vergara posed for photos with Manganiello, who she called “the love of my life”. It’s easy to see that the bond between this celebrity couple is strong and they’re not afraid to show it!

There’s no lack of celebrity love when it comes to this sexy couple! What are some ways to make a special event with your partner more fun?

Cupid’s Advice:

Special events with your partner can be full of tons of fun. Here are some tips on how to have a great night and feel like a celebrity love at the next special event you attend:

1. Capture the moments: Just like Vergara and her man Manganiello, capture your night with tons of pictures! Take selfies with your partner, be silly with your partner, be cute with your partner! Record it all, even the photos you don’t like!

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2. Be flirty: It’s a fun night! Be flirty with your partner! Let your eyes meet across the room and while you’re in a group, whisper in your partner’s ear, brush their leg, the flirtatious options are endless! Though an event the time out with your partner can still be a date and dates mean get your flirt on!

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3. Show off: Why not show off your partner and yourselves as a couple? Show everyone your bond with your partner – just remember to not overdo it!

How do you make a special event more fun with your partner? Share below!