Cupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Lambert Shares Sad Photo Post-Celebrity Divorce from Blake SheltonCupid's Pulse Article: Miranda Lambert Shares Sad Photo Post-Celebrity Divorce from Blake Shelton

By Katie Gray

Country singer, Miranda Lambert, recently shared a heartfelt picture with the world on Instagram. On a sidewalk in New York City, were the written words, “Protect Yo Heart.” The country cutie laid down next to it, while her pal snapped the photo. She had just finished having dinner at the swanky Fresco by Scotto. Lambert has a lot on her mind after her celebrity divorce from celebrity ex Blake Shelton. According to, “Feeling understandably moved by the sentiment, the ‘Platinum’ singer decided she couldn’t walk past the words without reacting.”

Celebrity divorce or not, Miranda isn’t quite ready to move on. What are some ways to protect your heart in the dating world?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes being vulnerable isn’t always a good thing, and timing is super important. Cupid has some tips for protecting your heart:

1. Use caution: No matter the situation in life, it’s best to always use caution and your best judgment. Don’t be too guarded, but make sure that you are not being blinded, naïve or unrealistic. When dating, be cautious of people’s true motives and intentions. That being said, make sure to give everyone a chance!

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2. Listen to your heart: The most important thing you can do when dating is to listen to your heart. If you always follow your heart, you will achieve your ultimate happiness. If someone is striking you as someone you want to date, then go for it. Your feelings won’t lie. Do what makes you happy!

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3. Go with your gut: When you are getting back into the dating game, it can be tough. Make sure that you always listen to your gut and trust your instincts. If you don’t see yourself getting serious with a person, cut ties with them sooner rather than later. If you question what their motives are or you don’t like their behavior, don’t ignore it. If you always listen to your gut instincts, then you will be better off!

How are some ways that you have protected your heart in the dating world? Share your experiences below.