Cupid's Pulse Article: Insider Says Miranda Lambert Is ‘Heartbroken’ and ‘Devastated’ Over Celebrity DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Insider Says Miranda Lambert Is ‘Heartbroken’ and ‘Devastated’ Over Celebrity Divorce

By Rebecca White

Country music fans are heartbroken, because the genre’s most beloved couple, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, have officially announced their celebrity divorce. According to, the latest celebrity news and gossip surrounding the break-up is that the duo is heartbroken and devastated that the relationship and love didn’t work out. Sources revealed that the famous couple have had arguments over jealously and when to start a family. Another challenge? The fact that the pair was rarely in the same state because of their busy schedules. Be prepared for a few tear-jerking songs from these two!

Celebrity divorce is not only personal, but it’s also public. What are some ways to handle telling friends and family about your divorce?

Cupid’s Advice:

With the announcement of yet another celebrity divorce, we know how hard it is to finally call it quits when the marriage just isn’t working out. Once you finally make that choice, here’s some love advice for how to handle telling your friends and family about your divorce:

1. Be gentle: Your family and friends will have many reactions to the announcement of your ending marriage, so be gentle with them, but get to the point. Explain the situation as tactfully as possible and don’t expect any particular response, because there’s no guarantee how people will react.

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2. Be conscious of your family’s history with your former flame: If your loved ones had a good friendship with your ex-spouse, they may be suffering the loss of the marriage as well. If they disliked your spouse, then they may react positively to the news.

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3. Tell them when you’re ready: While you don’t want to wait too long to share the news of your divorce, you have to be ready for the conversations and questions that will be asked. Take some time for yourself to mourn the loss of your marriage and prepare for the future.

How would you handle telling your friends and family about divorce? Comment below!