Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Expert Gives Love Advice: Is It Okay To Fake It?Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Expert Gives Love Advice: Is It Okay To Fake It?


By E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach, Laurel House

In this week’s dating advice video, relationship expert and E!’s Famously Single dating coach, Laurel House shares great love advice on whether or not it’s okay to fake it! Her expert dating advice is to communicate and ensure that your man knows how to please you.

E!’s Famously Single Dating Coach Talks Faking It

It’s no surprise that dating experts want to make sure that you’re communicating in your relationship and love. If your honey doesn’t know how to please you, “that’s a real problem in the relationship!” House explains. But when your styles clash, you’re not in the mood, and it’s simply not going to happen, what do you do? You have three options:

1. You fake it and give the guy a break: Sure, you’ve given him the false confidence that he’s doing a great job, but you’ve also missed him. You even rewarded him for a job poorly done and did yourself a disservice. Don’t make this mistake!

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2. You feign suddenly remembering that you’re busy: You were supposed to call your mom, or maybe you’re too tired or really stressed. This is alright because at least you haven’t missed him, but your avoidance isn’t helping your cause either. Don’t put off the conversation.

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3. You fess up in a nice way: You tell him that it’s not going to happen like that, but if he did this instead, it would feel so amazing. He needs to know that just because a certain technique worked on someone else doesn’t mean it’ll work on you. We have different experiences and preferences. Styles don’t always mesh up at first, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t eventually. Don’t be afraid to let him know what you like!

If he’s paying attention and he cares, he’ll make adjustments for you. Don’t forget to also pay attention to his styles and make sure he’s happy as well. Communication is key for maximum pleasure.

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