Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: What A Man Doesn’t Want In A WomanCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: What A Man Doesn’t Want In A Woman

In this week’s relationship advice video, matchmaker and relationship expert Suzanne Oshima talks to dating coach Arica Angelo about what men don’t want in a woman. Check out their expert dating advice above!

Expert Dating Advice For Women

In any relationship and love, you are 50 percent of the equation. So before you start blaming the man for how he acts on a first date, start thinking about what you’re contributing to the conversation. Follow this expert dating advice and remember these three things that men don’t want in a woman:

1. A sense of entitlement: Men hate women who are entitled and self-centered. Just think: You wouldn’t like it if one of your girlfriends acted that way! It completely turns them off and puts a bad taste in their mouth. Don’t be demanding or have expectations when you aren’t giving anything back. A man wants a woman who really appreciates him.

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2. Someone who is boring: Men also hate it when a woman looks bored on a date and, in turn, is boring to hangout with. If you look at your phone on a date and only reply with one word answers, then you need to start putting yourself out there. Don’t be scared to let loose! Beware, though, because you also can’t just keep talking about yourself. You need to ask him questions too and engage in conversation.

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3. Someone who is superficial: Never play the superficial card. Men don’t like having superficial conversations, like talking about your shoes or tanning regimen. Why would you talk about those things on a date? If you’re nervous and shy, stray away from these topics because it makes you look dumb and entitled (see #1!).

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