Cupid's Pulse Article: Anna Kendrick Speaks Out About Celebrity MarriageCupid's Pulse Article: Anna Kendrick Speaks Out About Celebrity Marriage

By Katelyn Di Salvo

It looks like the celebrity wedding bells won’t be ringing anytime soon for celeb Anna Kendrick. The actress does not believe in celebrity marriage before 30! Although the 29-year-old actress herself will not be walking down the aisle in a white dress this year, she did walk done the aisle in her best friend’s wedding August 2, as the maid of honor. According to, her busy schedule has kept her away from the usual M.O.H, duties, but she made up for it by gifting the bride with a full set of diamond jewelry on loan from Harry Kotlar. Kendrick has been dating cinematographer Ben Richardson for roughly a year now.

Anna Kendrick thinks celebrity and non-celebrity marriage can wait until your 30’s. How do you know what the right time for you is to get married?

Cupid’s Advice:

1. You fully understand the meaning of forever: You are ready for marriage when you are able to grasp what it means to be together forever. If that doesn’t scare you, but rather excites you, then you are ready to say “I do”. Understanding that you are no longer responsible for yourself but for someone else, and that you must honor, love and respect each other for the rest of your lives, is very important to know before walking down the isle.

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2. Life does not feel complete without each other: As corny as that may sound it is true. When you are ready to spend the rest of your life with one person you have to feel like they are a part of you. Being ready for marriage means not being able to picture your life without the other person.

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3. You are financially stable: Marriage is of course about love, but you also have to be smart. Marriage is a big step in your life, and you should be financially stable before making that move. Otherwise, the stress of money can burden your relationship and love life.

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