Cupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Movie ‘The Last Five Years’ Features Anna KendrickCupid's Pulse Article: Relationship Movie ‘The Last Five Years’ Features Anna Kendrick

By Courtney Omernick

The Last Five Years is a relationship movie adaptation of a hit Broadway musical. The film shows the relationship, marriage, and divorce of Jamie, an author, and Cathy, a struggling actress, over a five year period.

Should you see it:

If you enjoy a great relationship movie and chick flicks then get ready to witness this love story! From love, to marriage, to divorce, this film is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

Who to take:

This film would be great to see with your friends or significant other.

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

Cupid’s Advice:

Even some of the most heartfelt romances end in sorrow. In the case of Jamie and Cathy in The Last Five Years, their relationship sadly ended in divorce. It can be difficult to decipher whether you and your partner are just going through a rough patch, or if it really is time to break it off. Cupid has provided some insight on how you can tell when it’s time to move on below.

1. The relationship brings more pain than joy: If your relationship is leaving you with more tears, anger, and frustration than joy and laughter, it’s time to move on. Relationships aren’t always going to be perfect, but you shouldn’t constantly feel burdened or stressed out either.

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2. You’re the one making sacrifices: Relationships are a two way street. Being with another person means that you can’t get everything you want. However, you shouldn’t always be the one changing plans or delaying future hopes and dreams. Both parties need to give a little.

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3. You believe they’ll change: Sometimes, people hang on to their significant other because they expect that what they’re going through is just a “phase.” However, we tend to forget that people grow and evolve over time. Don’t expect the person that you married to be the same person 20 years from now. If who they are really bothers you, get out.

How did you know it was time to move on? Comment below!