Cupid's Pulse Article: Want an A-List Wedding? 10 Celeb Wedding OfficiantsCupid's Pulse Article: Want an A-List Wedding? 10 Celeb Wedding Officiants

By Molly Jacob

Wedding dress? Check. Flowers? Check. Jonah Hill reading your vows? Check! While you may want to be friends with your favorite celeb, what if you were married by him or her? Some A-list celebrities have acted as officiants for some Hollywood couples at glamorous celebrity weddings and even sometimes for those of us who are not part of a famous couple.

See which celebs acted as wedding officiants, and start planning for you own A-list wedding accordingly!

1. Jonah Hill:
Funny man Jonah Hill and superstar Adam Levine have been pals since middle school, so when Levine was getting married to Behati Prinsloo in July 2014, it was only fitting that Hill act as wedding officiant for this celebrity wedding.

2. Conan O’Brien:
In November 2011, O’Brien celebrated the first anniversary of Conan on TBS. During this big episode, this funny celeb acted as the officiant for an on-air wedding of his show’s costume designer, Scott Cronick, and Cronick’s partner, David Gorshein.

3. Lady Gaga:
The famous performer has acted as officiant for several weddings, including her yoga instructor’s nuptials. She has considered presiding over gay marriages at her concerts as well.

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4. Jason Segel:
Abbie Thorner and Jason Wood, just a regular couple about to get married, ran into issues when the person who was supposed to marry them suddenly could no longer do so. They spotted Segel at a West Hollywood bar and asked him to do the honors, which he did during his appearance on The Tonight Show.

5. Ian McKellen:
The famous English actor helped out his good friend and X-Men costar Patrick Stewart in 2013 when he presided over the Star Trek celeb’s marriage to Sunny Ozell.

6. Victor Garber:
Garber helped Alias costar Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck tie the knot at their celebrity wedding in 2005. That’s not his only tie to this (soon-to-be divorced) couple ­– he’s the godfather of their daughter, Violet.

7. Emma Stone:
Not only did Stone introduce her publicist Holly Shakoor to future husband Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland, she also presided over their 2012 celebrity wedding! This Hollywood couple was probably very grateful for all Stone did to help their relationship.

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8. Kevin Smith:
Got $5,000 to spend? Hire Kevin Smith to marry you! The Clerks star will officiate for anyone that pays a $5,000 fee that includes a venue for the wedding. Memorable weddings include the time when he married a couple at their hockey-themed nuptials, who said their vows while wearing jerseys.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch:
The Imitation Game star helped out two of his friends in 2013 when he acted as officiant for their picturesque wedding set on the island Ibiza.

10. Tori Spelling:
When a couple was getting married at the bed and breakfast Spelling owns with her husband Dean McDermott, she was more than happy to officiate. The celeb told The Today Show that it was her “scariest moment” because she didn’t want to let them down.

Which celeb would you want to preside over your wedding? Let us know by commenting below!