Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone Is Caught Carrying Andrew Garfield-Labeled Bag Post Celebrity Break-UpCupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone Is Caught Carrying Andrew Garfield-Labeled Bag Post Celebrity Break-Up

By Maggie Manfredi

What’s mine isn’t yours! According to, Emma Stone was carrying an Andrew Garfield-labeled bag post celebrity break-up in Beverly Hills on April 29th. The celebrity exes split recently after a three year relationship and love life. No report on whether the shopping bag labeled for the Spider-Man actor is meant for him or just coincidence since they do share the same stylist, but here’s hoping this is a sign that this celebrity break-up is no more!

Mark this one down as a confusing celebrity break-up. What are some signs you haven’t moved on from your ex?

Cupid’s Advice:

As the song goes, breaking up is hard to do! Sometimes you haven’t really moved on even after the deed is done. Cupid knows the signs to show you haven’t totally moved on:

1. Profile Picture: In this day in age there is a tell-tale sign you aren’t over your ex…if they are still beside you in your profile picture. When the break-up happens and the public starts to find out, you should be shifting that usie to a selfie.

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2. Communicating: Are you still constantly texting and calling your ex? This is a sign that you still want them in your life. Trust Cupid, the distance will be hard at first but if you force yourself to create space you will be better off in the end.

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3. Your ex’s stuff: Are you still sharing items or have a bunch of your ex’s belongings at your place? This is a major sign that you are not over it. Give them back their possessions and make your life more simple and find clarity in the new beginning alone.

Do you think this celebrity couple is done for good or destined to be together? Share your predictions below!