Cupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone in Easy ACupid's Pulse Article: Emma Stone in Easy A

In high school, where everyone knows everyone else’s businessEasy A takes an inside look at the ongoing wheels of the rumor mill in a California high school.  Loosely inspired by the novel The Scarlett Letter, protagonist Olive’s (Emma Stone) reputation goes from respectable girl to down-right floozy — in a matter of a week.  What started out as good intentions by accepting gift cards as payment for boosting another student’s reputation around school soon throws Olive’s life and reputation into question.  As one rumor turns into another and that rumor turns into yet another rumor, Olive risks losing her best friend (Alyson Michalka) and secret crush (Penn Badgley).  To set the record straight, Olive decides to go online and tell the world her side of the story, in hopes of redeeming her image and righting her wrongs.

What’s the best way to redeem your image in the eyes of the one you love?

Cupid’s Advice:

Chances are that something will come up between you and your beau during your relationship that will require an apology.  You may even need to redeem yourself a little.  If you handle the situation with grace and poise, you’ll save yourself some major time and embarrassment:

1. Come clean: Even if it comes to something that your partner probably doesn’t want to hear, lying will always come around to get you in the end.  It’s best to be completely open and honest after making a mistake in your relationship.  Admit that what you did was wrong, and prove that you have integrity by owning up to it.

2. Do it in privacy: Make sure that when you’re attempting to redeem yourself, you do it in a private place.  If the subject comes up in a public area, carefully maneuver the conversation into seclusion.  By keeping your intimate conversation away from prying ears, your partner will realize the importance of the discussion and will be more apt to take you seriously.

3. Keep a cool head: If you’re in a situation where you feel the need to save face, chances are that your partner is pretty angry with you at the moment.  During your discussion, your mate may lose his temper.  Try to stay reasonable, because the worst thing you can do is dish him anger in return.  If you need to, take a break and come back to the conversation when you’re both level-headed again.