Cupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Gestures to New Celebrity Love Calvin Harris at Dublin ConcertCupid's Pulse Article: Taylor Swift Gestures to New Celebrity Love Calvin Harris at Dublin Concert

By Maria N. Capalbo

According to, at her concert in Dublin, Taylor Swift sang a few verses to her new celebrity love Calvin Harris from the stage! Swift was very discreet about it, but viewers got the message she was trying to pass on! Surely, there will be more precious moments like this in the future for this celebrity relationship.

This new celebrity love has no bounds! What are some ways to secretly show your love in public?

Cupid’s Advice:

Being discreet about your relationship in public is important if you do not want everyone in your business! Cupid has suggested some ways you can secretly show your love in public below:

1. Holding hands: Holding hands is a definite display of affection, but it is not too daunting! It is a way to show you are together, but you are not causing much of a scene at all.

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2. Going out to lunch: Taking your partner out to lunch, and enjoying each other’s company is definitely a great way to show affection secretly in public. It can be looked at as professional or even as friends, no one knows but you two!

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3. Leaving places together: Getting caught leaving places together always leaves mystery in the air. No one knows what you two were up to, but it just leaves a little room to show that you may be together!

What are some ways you have displayed affection for your partner secretly in public? Share below!