Cupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Taylor Swift Jams Out at Boyfriend Calvin Harris’ ConcertCupid's Pulse Article: Latest Celebrity News: Taylor Swift Jams Out at Boyfriend Calvin Harris’ Concert

By Jenna Bagcal

In the latest celebrity news reported by UsMagazine.comTaylor Swift was spotted supporting her boyfriend Calvin Harris at the Wango Tango concert at the StubHub Center in Los Angeles. At the May 9 concert, the pop singer was jamming out and dancing with fellow musician Alana Haim during the DJ’s set. The famous couple were confirmed an item in April of this year.

The latest celebrity news revolves around Taylor Swift yet again! What are some ways to show you support your partner’s career?

Cupid’s Advice: 

There are many ways in which you can be supportive within the realm of your relationship and love with your partner. Take a cue from this famous couple about how to support your partner in their career. Here are some of Cupid’s best tips!

1. Attend important events: Whether your significant other is a DJ or a partner at an investment firm, attending work events with them is a great way to show you support their career. Go to an important dinner with their boss or attend a work sponsored charity event as your partner’s moral support.

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2. Help them get that promotion: If your partner wants to move higher up on the career ladder, show you support them by helping them in any way you can during the application process. Look over their cover letter and run through possible interview questions a week in advance. Make sure that they are fully prepared when the day of the interview comes.

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3. Give words of encouragement: If your significant other has had a tough day at the office, provide words of encouragement to let them know their bad day is only temporary. The last thing your partner needs is for you to be overly critical when they are already down. Instead, be positive and show support by carefully and thoughtfully choosing your words.

How do you show your partner support in his/her career? Comment your thoughts down below!