Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Hold Hands at Nashville ConcertCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple? Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Hold Hands at Nashville Concert

By Katie Gray

Taylor Swift may have found someone to fill her “Blank Space”! The singing superstar is rumored to now be dating Calvin Harris. According to, the potential celebrity couple were spotted holding hands at Kenny Chesney’s Nashville concert on Thursday, Mar. 26. Nothing beats a date night at a country concert, especially when the headliner is Kenny Chesney! Swift joined him on stage to sing his hit song, “Big Star” with him.

It looks Taylor Swift may drop her single status to be a celebrity couple again. What are some ways to incorporate music in your new relationship?

Cupids Advice:

Music is truly beautiful, because it effects everybody in different ways. For every problem in life, there is a solution in a song. Music and relationships and love go hand-in-hand for multiple reasons. We dance with our partners, go to concerts together, have a special song that we refer to as ‘our song’ and we even describe our feelings for them through lyrics:

1. Choose your song as a couple: Many couples have a special song that they identify as their song. Pick ‘our song’ as a couple. Then every time you hear it you will both think of each other. It’s a great way to connect with your partner!

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2. Go see concerts: Have a fun music filled date night! Go see a concert together. It’s a great bonding experience and a good way to spend your time. Time isn’t wasted when you’re listening to music by artists that you love!

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3. Just dance: Dance with your partner! Whether it’s a romantic slow dance or jamming out in the car, enjoy yourselves. It will bring you closer together. You could even make an event out of it and take dance lessons together for fun.

What are ways that you have brought music into your relationship? Share your stories with Cupid below!