Cupid's Pulse Article: Mark Wahlberg Shares Secrets to Successful Celebrity Marriage with Rhea DurhamCupid's Pulse Article: Mark Wahlberg Shares Secrets to Successful Celebrity Marriage with Rhea Durham

By Maria N. Capalbo

According to, Mark Wahlberg recently gave some relationship advice, and said that the key to his successful celebrity marriage to Rhea Durham is, “spending quality time together.” He believes that is what really matters! In being a famous couple, it is certain that he is always on the go, but taking out quality time to spend with Durham is what keeps their relationship going strong!

This celebrity marriage is holding strong. What are some ways to strengthen your marriage throughout the years?

Cupid’s Advice:

Keeping a marriage strong over the years may be difficult, especially when big factors come in to play like work, children, and family matters. Cupid has some ways you can keep your marriage strong below:

1. Celebrating anniversaries: Celebrating an anniversary can be extremely fun and memorable. It is great to commemorate the time you have spent together, and make memories doing so. It is a time to remind one another that you have reached another important milestone in your lives, side by side.

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2. Walks down memory lane: It is always healthy to remind each other why you both decided to get together in the first place! Sometimes in marriage, partners forget why they fell in love the first place, so it is good to remind each other sometimes.

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3. Communication: Always communicating your feelings to your partner is important. Having that strong bond where you can tell each other everything goes a long way. Communicating instead of holding back can also help you avoid misunderstandings!

What are some ways you have made your marriage stronger over the years? Share below!