Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple Ciara and Russell Wilson Make Red Carpet DebutCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple Ciara and Russell Wilson Make Red Carpet Debut

By Maria N. Capalbo

Cupid is back at work again! According to, at the BET Awards this Sunday, celebrity couple Ciara and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson showed off their new celebrity relationship as they took photos, and walked hand in hand together on the red carpet! This is not the only place Ciara and Wilson have been spotted together. They also attended the White House State Dinner back in April as well. We’re sure to see Wilson front row Ciara’s concerts, while she will be front row at his football games!

There’s a new celebrity couple in town! What are some ways to debut your new relationship to family and friends?

Cupid’s Advice:

A new relationship can be super exciting, so of course you want to introduce your friends and family to your new partner! Cupid has some love advice:

1. Bring your partner home for dinner: Introduce your partner to the family with nothing other than Mom’s home cooking! Sit at the table, talk, and get to know one another. Share some laughs while you’re at it.

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2. Send photos: If you are a little nervous about taking your partner home right away, send a few pictures of him/her to your family! Get them excited to meet him or her. Even send them pictures if you two doing fun things, and they might want to join in!

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3. Show your partner in action: Nothing is better than showing your friends and family what your partner does for a living instead of telling them. If him or her is a doctor, artist, hairstylist etc., take your family for a visit to see what they do!

What are some new ways to show off your new partner to family and friends? Share below!