Cupid's Pulse Article: Engaged Ciara Says She May be ‘Part-Bridezilla’Cupid's Pulse Article: Engaged Ciara Says She May be ‘Part-Bridezilla’

By April Littleton

Ciara is already preparing the details on her upcoming wedding to rapper Future. “It’s going to be two parts,” she told People at the People’s Choice Awards nominations announcement last week. “We’re both from Atlanta and we have so many family and friends … it’s going to be hard to get everybody in one place, so we’re going to do a celebration part and a wedding.”

What are some ways to keep stress out of wedding planning?

Cupid’s Advice:

Wedding planning can be a fun and exciting task for a couple as well as hectic. Everyone dreams of having the “perfect” ceremony and reception and sometimes this train of thought can get in the way of realizing what’s really important – marrying the love of your life. Cupid has some tips:

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1. Family and friends: You don’t have to plan your whole wedding by yourself. If you need some additional help, ask some of your trusted loved ones to lend you a pair of extra hands. You can assign different tasks out for certain individuals to do. Does one of your friends have the perfect handwriting to do your wedding save-the-dates? Maybe your mom would be the perfect person to help with the cake. On a side note, don’t stress out if they give you some advice you may not like – they’re just trying to help you have a perfect day.

2. Wedding planner: A professional wedding coordinator can be a big help if you’re unsure of how things are supposed to go. However, hiring someone to help with your wedding can end up being very expensive.

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3. Just have fun with it: Planning out the details of your wedding shouldn’t be stressful in the first place. This should be a fun and exciting time for you and your fiancé/fiancée. Don’t agonize over the little things that won’t matter once you’re married. Remember, the most important part of your commitment is the marriage itself – not the reception and ceremony.

What are some other ways to keep stress out of wedding planning? Comment below.