Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Jonathan Adler Talks Summer Home Decor and Relationship AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Jonathan Adler Talks Summer Home Decor and Relationship Advice

By Katelyn Di Salvo

Summer has finally arrived, and designer Jonathan Adler is giving his best tips on how to transform your home into a relaxing sanctuary! This entrepreneur started in pottery and has expanded to much more since then. In our exclusive celebrity interview, he opened up about all things within the home including how to decorate your space when it comes to relationships and love. You don’t want to miss this celebrity interview!

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Jonathan Adler Talks Home Decor Tips For the Summer

As the saying goes, “mi casa es su casa,” and this cannot be more true than at this time of the year! Summertime is when many of us get the most traffic coming through our homes with friends and relatives staying for extended visits during the warmer weather. Entertaining can add a lot of pressure when it comes to ensuring your hosting skills are up to par. So, how do you make your guests feel like their at home? “I like to make my guests feel like they are in the most luxurious hotel on earth!” exclaims Adler. He says the best way to make your home feel comfortable and relaxing for your guests is to have stacks of towels, fresh flowers, and some POND’S moist towelettes that come in a very chic vanity case designed by Adler himself!

As far as brightening up the home for the warmer weather, Adler says pops of color are the way to go. “Summer is a great time to throw in some bright and colorful pillows, or you can take up a rug,” he says. “There’s just lots of ways to make it all feel fresh and carefree for the summer,” he explains.

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The Successful Designer Discusses His Celebrity Relationship and Love

Jonathan Adler has been in his celebrity relationship with husband Simon Doonan for nearly two decades! The celebrity couple met on a blind date, and Adler explains it was “easy breezy” from the moment they met. The designer even shared his secret when it comes to relationships and love! “I never even thought twice about it. From the second we met it was just sort of done.”

Designing a home with your significant other can be very stressful, especially if you’re butting heads on how it should look. In this case Adler believes that the men should stay out of it, saying, “If it’s a straight couple I think the big challenge is when the man starts weighing in on design decisions, which he shouldn’t, the wife is always right, and if it’s a gay couple I think whoever has the chicest shoes should make the decisions!”

We love his thinking!

Adler says he has a lot of upcoming projects, and even shared that he is leaving for Italy for one of those exciting tasks soon. We cannot wait to see what he has in store for us next!

You can find his one-of-a-kind designs at Neiman Marcus, and his home decor either on or in one of his 26 stores worldwide!