Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Tim Gunn Talks First Date Fashion and Summer TrendsCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Video Interview: Tim Gunn Talks First Date Fashion and Summer Trends

Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Rebecca White.
Make it work! Whether it be in relationships and love or the latest fashion trends, Tim Gunn’s catchphrase holds true. The Emmy award winning co-host for Lifetime’s Project Runway shares where to go on a first date and what he’s most excited about for the new season of the hit fashion show. In our celebrity video interview, Executive Editor Lori Bizzoco chats with the fashion expert about summer trends and all things Project Runway. You don’t want to miss this celebrity news!

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Tim Gunn Talks First Date Looks and Summer Fashion Trends

First dates can be nerve-racking, but you shouldn’t worry about what to wear or where to go. “Dress up!” Gunn exclaims. “Dressing up says ‘I want you to see the best of me.’ It’s about respect for yourself and the person you’re dating.” When it comes to finding the perfect first date outfit, Gunn has three essential elements that need to be balanced: Silhouette, proportion, and fit. “When those three elements are in harmony, you will look fabulous no matter what you’re wearing,” he says.

Choosing a location is also very important when it comes to the beginning of a relationship and love. Gunn’s love advice is to always go out to eat. “I believe that a first date should be a meal, because you need to know how they interact with the waitstaff, what table manners they have, and how they interact with you during a meal,” Gunn shares. “I think it’s all telling.”

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If you’re going out this summer, then remember that accessories are more important than apparel this season. Whether it’s a new hat, eyewear, or wedges, accessories work with many different looks. Also keep in mind that ‘70’s Bohemian is coming back, so splash into summer with this revived look. “Independent of trends, there is something for everyone,” Gunn shares. “Think about what’s in your closet and what will enhance it. And always try it on! Under all circumstances, make no assumptions about fit.”

Fashion Icon Discusses Project Runway

If you’re eagerly awaiting the new season of Project Runway, then you’ll love to hear that filming for season 14 starts in a few days. Unfortunately, this season Gunn was not able to go on the auditions to see the broad range of talent. However, he did get to look over the new contestants that were chosen. “I’m excited about working with them, they have a lot of personality,” he says. “I hope they don’t cancel each other out with that personality!”

But being on a show for this long doesn’t mean it’s perfect. Gunn says that if he had to change one thing, he would like to be in the workroom when the designers fit their models. “I’ve never seen so much delusion presented to me,” he says. “I’m always asking how the fittings went and invariably it’s ‘Oh, they were great.’ Then, I look at the work on the runway and I’m like ‘What? Is there a new definition of the word great?’”

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