Cupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrity Susan Sarandon ‘Trying to Figure Out’ the Single LifeCupid's Pulse Article: Single Celebrity Susan Sarandon ‘Trying to Figure Out’ the Single Life

By Katie Gray

There is a new single celebrity in Hollywood! Actress Susan Sarandon is recently single. According to, “The actress — who was married from 1967 to 1979 to Chris Sarandon, and then dated David Bowie, Franco Amurri, and Tim Robbins — has been single since splitting from 37-year-old Bricklin earlier this year. Prior to their breakup, the two were together for five years, and co-owned the New York City-based ping-pong club SPiN.” Sarandon said that dating apps are not for her, but she remains open to meeting someone new and is taking advice on how to go about it.

Even single celebrities are sometimes at a loss when it comes to dating! What are some unique ways to start up your dating life?

Cupid’s Advice:

When you’ve been out of the dating game for a while, it can be tough to get back in there. Cupid has some dating advice:

1. Putting yourself out there: When jumping back into the dating scene it’s important to put yourself out there. Don’t be too hesitant to put yourself out there again, just be cautious. You just may find that you have a lot of potential suitors to get to know!

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2. Having an open mind: Sometimes dating can be confusing and complicated, but the key is to always have an open mind. Be willing to see the good in people and try not to compare them to your past partners. They are in your past for a reason and there is someone better out there for you. Allow yourself to see that!

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3. Trying new things: Part of putting yourself out there again, involves trying new things. If you want a different outcome, you need to try something fresh and different. Along the way you will discover new things that you like and gain more culture in your life. It’s a win, win situation!

What are unique ways that you have started up your dating life? Share your stories with us below.