Cupid's Pulse Article: Susan Sarandon Says Her Son-in-Law To-Be Is ‘Fabulous’Cupid's Pulse Article: Susan Sarandon Says Her Son-in-Law To-Be Is ‘Fabulous’

Susan Sarandon is excited about daughter Eva Amurri’s engagement to the “fabulous” Kyle Martino.  The proud almost mother-in-law is not taking part in the wedding planning, however.  Sarandon told People that Amurri is “very smart and very organized” and that she “trust[s] her judgment.”  But that doesn’t mean she’s not assisting in other ways, from finding the right cake topper to advising Amurri on her gown.

What do you do if your parents don’t like the person you’re going to marry?

Cupid’s Advice:


Not all of us have mothers who, like Sarandon, would use the expression “fabulous” to describe our spouse-to-be.  In fact, many of us have probably been in the situation in which our parents disapprove. It’s a difficult place to be in, but Cupid has some advice:

1. Get them to talk: First of all, you need to figure out why it is that your folks disapprove of your spouse-to-be.  Is it because they don’t think he or she is good enough for you?  Is it simply because they’re afraid of losing their child?  If you sit down and have a word with them, at least you’ll have something to work with.

2. Talk to them: So you’ve given them their chance to explain themselves.  The floor is now yours.  Tell your parents that you love your partner and want to be with him or her.  Show them that the relationship makes you happy and you hope that they can be happy for you.  Talking about it directly will make it easier for them to accept the marriage.

3. Be patient: Your folks may be disapproving for the time being.  That said, be patient.  Allow them to get to know your partner better and find common points of interest.  Often times, our parents may feel an overprotective instinct toward our suitors because they perceive them as potential threats.  With time, they may become more welcoming and let your partner into their hearts.

Do your folks disapprove of your fiancé? Share your story below!