Cupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara Breaks Silence on Frozen Embryo Saga with Celebrity Ex Nick LoebCupid's Pulse Article: Sofia Vergara Breaks Silence on Frozen Embryo Saga with Celebrity Ex Nick Loeb

By Maggie Manfredi

Let’s hear it, Sofia! According to, Sofia Vergara finally came forward about her frozen embryo drama with celebrity ex Nick Loeb. Vergara and Loeb broke off their celebrity engagement a year ago, and with that came a contractual agreement on what to do with the frozen embryos the celebrity exes produced. The founder of Crunchy Condiment Company wrote an Op-Ed in the New York Times about his strong feelings that these embryos should be thawed. The Modern Family star, who is happily engaged to Joe Manganiello, spoke on the matter with Howard Stern on his radio show. Vergara stated, “Joe and I try not to even talk about it,” she said. “We have lawyers. We’re having so much fun right now. We just moved into a new house. We’re planning a wedding. We try not to think about this, we can’t do anything. It’s signed, it’s done, and that’s it.”

These celebrity exes are still fighting! What are some ways to keep the drama at a minimum post break-up?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Not all break-ups end amicably. Dealing with the backlash can be a little stressful, but Cupid has some tips on how to keep the drama to a minimum:

1. Avoid commentary: Don’t go sharing every thought and feeling about your ex with the world, especially if the wounds are still fresh. Sofia waited it out and commented when it was appropriate, so you can exude patience, too.

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2. Don’t mix new with old: Have you moved on to a fetching new love (here’s hoping you’re having as good of luck as Joe and Sofia)? Try to keep the paths from crossing, as the last thing you want is to bring in drama to your new relationship or pile more on to your old one.

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3. Handle with care: Be very aware of your ex’s feelings, especially if you did the dumping. Be kind and think of their feelings before speaking publicly about your relationship and love life.

Are you glad Vergara broke her silence, or do you think this relationship drama should be kept under wraps? Share your thoughts below!