Cupid's Pulse Article: Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Beau Step Out Post-AccidentCupid's Pulse Article: Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and Beau Step Out Post-Accident

Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara and her boyfriend, Nick Loeb, were seen out together last night. RadarOnline reports that this is the first time since his terrifying car accident that the couple has been seen in public.  The two were spotted leaving Madeo restaurant in Beverly Hills.  Loeb, 35, was using crutches as part of his recovery from his car crash in Bel Air, California earlier this year.  After the accident, Loeb was rushed to UCLA Medical Center’s intensive care unit.  He suffered from a broken leg, pelvis and a deep cut to the chest.  A former Flordia politician, he was by himself when the accident occurred.  Vergara and Loeb began dating earlier this year.What can a near-death experience teach you about your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

If you ever needed a reason to be thankful for the one you love, a near-death experience is just that.  Nothing’s worse than realizing that your loved one may not be with you the next day.  These experiences are scary indeed, but they also leave you a little humbled:

1. Forever yours: Sometimes a near-death experience makes you put your life into perspective.  Suddenly the issues that were plaguing you yesterday don’t mean anything today.  People tend to take that time to reflect on what and who means the most to them.  They also learn to let the little things in their relationships go, because they’re simply not important.

2. Cutting to the chase: Your loved one almost dying is a life wake-up call.  If you’re dating somebody, the experience may help you realize that he/she is the love of your life.  On the other hand, it might also teach you that you deserve someone better.  Now that you realize how your life can change in an instant, don’t you want to change it for the better?

3. Getting closer: Once the general shock of a scary experience wears off, a couple’s bond can become stronger.  If one person needs some extra help during his/her recovery, the added one-on-one time with your partner will show him how much you care.  Playing nurse for your beau will show him how much you care.