Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Film a Documentary During Black FridayCupid's Pulse Article: Dating Advice: Film a Documentary During Black Friday

By Emma L. Wells

Black Friday shopping isn’t for everyone. However, while stores can be hectic and crazy, if you’ve got a lot of holiday gifts to buy, it is nice to get it all done at once, especially while so many items are discounted. This year, brave the crowds with your beau! It may not be a romantic date idea, but it can certainly be a fun one.

Have Fun While Being Productive on This Weekend Date Idea

It’s important to stick together on this holiday weekend date idea. Combine your shoppings lists and hit the stores at midnight. Instead of just running errands, make this date idea more entertaining by bringing along a camera. You can shoot all the action around you as you go from store to store. Make sure you record the craziest things you see on your Black Friday adventure.

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Take turns manning the camera as you search for gifts for everyone on your list. Try to stay out of other people’s way as you frame your shot — you don’t want to bother the other shoppers! Maybe you’ll even find some good deals on new camera equipment that you can use for your next documentary!

Later, you can edit the film as a team and show your friends this mini-documentary. Have a “premiere party” for your video after you open holiday presents; that way, your loved ones can see how much fun you had — and how much trouble you went through! — picking out their gifts. The morning and evening news almost always showcases footage from Black Friday too. Send your local station some of the most outrageous things you saw. You never know: Maybe you two lovebirds will wind up as local celebrities!

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Discover a New Passion with This Dating Advice

This experience will make for a great story to tell in the future. Consider this dating advice and think of the date idea as an opportunity to record a special moment in your relationship and love. Perhaps you’ll even discover a new mutual hobby! You budding filmmakers may want to enroll in a documentary making class after the holidays are over.

Cupid wants to know: Will you go Black Friday shopping with your honey this year?