Cupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Escape Black FridayCupid's Pulse Article: Date Idea: Escape Black Friday

By Shannon Seibert

Sure, Black Friday sales are tempting, but they can also be super crazy. Going shopping in that chaos can flare some tensions between you and your sweetheart. The overwhelmingly massive crowds and lines might test the limits of your relationship and love. So consider this piece of dating advice: Spend this weekend inside with your love, tracking the deals online and planning shopping trips for calmer days. Embrace your inner child and prepare your lists for Santa Claus too.

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Avoid Black Friday With Your Honey, Thanks to This Dating Advice

Black Friday is the Superbowl of shopping. Everyone is aggressively pursuing the items on their wish list while ambushing sales clerks and demanding their assistance. But in this day and age, Cyber Monday has become our saving grace. For a comfortable and stress-free date idea, shop with your honey from the comfort of your couch! This way, you can shield yourself from the frosty weather and enjoy online buying by a crackling fire. Grab a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers while you browse the sites for deals.

Start a pot of caramel espresso coffee and prepare yourself for the shopping Olympics. Stores such as Target, Macy’s, and Best Buy usually do a sale preview before the event, giving you and your love a chance to adequately prepare your holiday list. Cyber Monday is unique in that some shops have online sales that aren’t featured in stores. Do a little research before you start so you’ll be sure to cover all of the bases, making your friends envious of your superior shopping expertise.

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Together, make your Black Friday lists, organizing them from most important items to least. For instance, if your sweetheart is looking for a Lifeproof iPhone case, is your best bet for deals. What’s even better is that if the price lowers within a month of your purchase, you can shoot an email to Amazon, and they will refund you the difference. Consider this organizational piece dating advice so that you and your partner can spend less time being frustrated and more time finding the perfect gift for each other.

You can’t forget about the big man in the North Pole! Mr. Claus has been a part of Christmas traditions since the beginning of time, so why stop now that you’re an adult? With your holiday hunk, write your lists for Santa. Make sure to include all of your Christmas wishes! While you do so, munch on adorable gingerbread cookies and sip some cinnamon-infused hot cocoa. With this out of the box weekend date idea, the holiday mood will begin to set in, only adding to you and your love’s anticipation for the upcoming festivities.

What’s on your list for Black Friday this year? Share with us in the comments below!