Cupid's Pulse Article: Rita Ora Enjoys Disneyland While Celebrity Ex Calvin Harris Cuddles with Taylor SwiftCupid's Pulse Article: Rita Ora Enjoys Disneyland While Celebrity Ex Calvin Harris Cuddles with Taylor Swift

By Katie Gray

Actress Rita Ora enjoyed herself at Disneyland with her new boy Ricky Hilfiger, while her celebrity ex Calvin Harris found enjoyment with potential new celebrity love Taylor Swift at a HAIM concert, according to Ora was in Paris for the opening of the new Tommy Hilfiger store, as he is the father of her boyfriend. A source claimed, “They’re happy and things are going really well for them.”

Rita Ora is smiling in the face of heartbreak! Where are places like Disneyland that can help you cope with a break-up?

Cupids Advice:

It’s always hard to go about your normal life again while you’re feeling the emotions of heartbreak. However, there is someone out there for everybody so it’s important to remember that sometimes things fall apart so better things can fall together. Cupid has some dating advice centered on places to help you cope after a break-up:

1. Tropical paradise: When you aren’t feeling upbeat and positive, it’s important to put your energy into restoring that. What better way to take your mind off things than by going on a vacation? It’s the perfect remedy. Go somewhere warm and lay in the sun and get your vitamin D. Have an ice cold drink, explore and partake in fun activities. It’s good to take your mind off things.

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2. Art museum: Life imitates art and art imitates life. After a break-up, it’s good to lose yourself and venture into a different world, such as the world of art. Wandering around museums by yourself is a great way to feel emotions, get lost deep in thoughts, get out of the house and be reminded that there is beauty in the world.

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3. Bookstore/library: After a breakup, it can be difficult to think again, because everything reminds you of your ex. A good way to escape your thoughts and the reality of the situation is to go to the library or bookstore and read. Get lost in a book. Focus on the character’s situations instead of your own, for awhile. Enjoy a cup of coffee too! Reading and coffee is definitely good for the soul.

Where are places you have gone to cope with a breakup? Share below!