Cupid's Pulse Article: Chris Soules and Celebrity Love Whitney Bischoff Celebrate His ‘DWTS’ PerformanceCupid's Pulse Article: Chris Soules and Celebrity Love Whitney Bischoff Celebrate His ‘DWTS’ Performance

By Emma L. Wells

Reality TV star Chris Soules, who announced his celebrity engagement on the season finale of The Bachelor season 19, and his Dancing with the Stars partner Witney Carson received much better reviews on Monday night for their performance, and they went out to celebrate! reported that, after judge Julianne Hough dubbed him “the comeback king,” Soules enjoyed a dinner with Carson and his celebrity love Whitney Bischoff as well as the reigning DWTS winner Alfonso Ribeiro and his wife, Robin Stapler.

Biscoff is there to support her celebrity love both on the dance floor and off. What can you do to show your encouragement for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

One way to show your partner you care about them is by caring about the things that are important to them. Whether it’s their career or just a hobby, taking part and showing support will make your relationship and love even stronger. Consider this love advice:

1. Be there with them: Attend events, both big and small. Even if the moment doesn’t seem that significant to you, if your partner asked you to come, then it’s probably important to them. Being present for lets your sweetheart show off for you — and show you off too!

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2. Be enthusiastic: Everyone likes to hear that they’re doing well, especially when it comes from someone they care about, so channel your inner cheerleader and root them on. This means pumping them up after a victory, like Bischoff does for her celebrity love, or helping them stay positive after a loss. Whatever the situation, make sure they know you’re on their team.

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3. Be honest: While a big part of encouragement is about being positive, it doesn’t have to mean glossing over important issues. If your honey approaches you with a problem or concern, you need to be honest. You might be inclined to lie to make them feel better, but that instinct isn’t helpful. Your relationship will be stronger and better off as a result of your truthfulness.

How do you show your support for your partner?  Tell us below!