Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Engagement: Chris Soules Proposes to Whitney Bischoff on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 FinaleCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Engagement: Chris Soules Proposes to Whitney Bischoff on ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Finale

By Emma L. Wells

After ten weeks of searching on reality TV, Prince Farming has finally found his Princess! On the finale episode of The Bachelor season 19, Chris Soules, armed with a Neil Lane engagement ring, got down on one knee and proposed to Whitney Bischoff, a 29-year-old fertility nurse from Chicago. “Everything about this moment feels right,” he told her. According to ABC News, Bischoff seemed to be the obvious choice after the other contestant, Becca Tilley, confessed that she wasn’t ready to jump into a celebrity engagement and commit to a life in Arlington with Soules. During the “After the Final Rose” special, it was easy to see that the reality TV pair is thrilled to just be a “normal” couple.

This celebrity couple found true love on reality TV, but not all of us have that option. What are some unique ways to meet your soulmate?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unlike the lucky celebrity couple from The Bachelor season 19, most of us don’t have reality TV producers arranging the perfect circumstances for us to find relationships and love. If we want it, we have to go out and look for it ourselves! It’s certainly not easy, but Cupid has some love advice about how to meet your soulmate:

1. Take part in group activities: You’ll want to have common interests with your future partner, so why not participate in group activities that relate to your hobbies? Take an Italian cooking class or sign up to learn Spanish. Join an intramural kickball league or a hobby club. It will be easy to strike up a conversation with someone over your shared interests while interacting in this laidback setting.

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2. Ask your friends: There’s a reason why so many dating websites and apps give you matches based on your Facebook friends: You’re more likely to hit it off with someone who your pals already like! If you’re looking for a relationship and love, ask your friends for help. They know you well and know what you want in a partner. If you’re nervous about a blind date, you can always plan a double or group date instead to ease any awkwardness.

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3. Look online: It can be hard to find the time and place to meet someone special. There’s nothing wrong with searching through a reputable dating site — it’s one of the reasons they were invented! It gives you the opportunity to judge potential matches at your own pace. There’s also a lot less pressure if you’ve talked online before you meet in person.

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