Cupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Brandon and Leah Jenner Announce Celebrity Pregnancy with Cute Instagram PhotoCupid's Pulse Article: Famous Couple Brandon and Leah Jenner Announce Celebrity Pregnancy with Cute Instagram Photo

By Jenna Bagcal

One of the most exciting pieces of celebrity news to hear is that your favorite famous couple is pregnant with their first celebrity baby. In Hollywood, news of a celebrity baby spreads quickly, especially when stars take to social media to share their excitement. According to, Brandon and Leah Jenner announced via Instagram that they are expecting their first child.

A celebrity pregnancy goes viral very quickly when you’re a famous couple. What are three reasons social media should not be used to make big announcements?

Cupid’s Advice: 

Big news such as pregnancies and engagements are something that you may feel tempted to share with your family and friends, but social media may not be the best way to break the news. Here are some of Cupid’s tips for why social media should not be used for big announcements:

1. Social media makes things feel impersonal: When sharing big announcements with your loved ones, the more personal the method of sharing, the better. If possible, tell your family and friends the news about your pregnancy or engagement in person, or schedule to call them on Skype or FaceTime. The moment will feel even more special if you take that extra step.

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2. The news you share will be available to all people on your friend lists: While your aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends may be on social media, there are people who you’re not close to that you may not want to share your big news with. Ensure that you know everyone who you’re sharing your big announcements with, and that your frenemy from work won’t find out!

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3. Sometimes, unexpected disaster can strike: You may be so excited that you and your sweetheart are finally going to tie the knot, and you may post daily pictures of your road to the altar on your Facebook feed. But sometimes the unexpected can happen and the engagement is over as quickly as it began. Save yourself the embarrassment of having to explain to hundreds of people why Jeremy dumped you (or vice versa) and keep word of the big news limited to your inner circle.

What are some reasons to keep big news off of social media? Leave a comment!