Cupid's Pulse Article: Bruce Jenner Attends Ex-Wife Kris’ Annual Christmas Eve PartyCupid's Pulse Article: Bruce Jenner Attends Ex-Wife Kris’ Annual Christmas Eve Party

By Katie Gray

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! On December 24th, former Olympian Bruce Jenner joined his daughters Kylie and Kendall at his ex-wife Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Eve party. The Jenner/Kardashian clan partied the night away, and they even had festive photobooth fun. According to, Kris Jenner said of their divorce, “You just have to be grown-ups. And say, ‘We’re better apart than we are together.’ At the same time, we have children together, and we have memories and holidays and traditions. I don’t want to give that up. I don’t want him to take that away from me, and I don’t want to take that away from him.”

What are some ways to remain amicable with your ex around the holidays?

Cupid’s Advice:

Remaining civil with an ex is always a challenge, but it becomes even more important when you have kids and are set on making the holidays a happy time. Cupid has some tips:

1. Negotiate: It’s extremely important to remain amicable with your ex around the holidays if there are children involved. It’s a special time for family to come together, and even if you’re separated, you are still connected through your family. This means it’s a good idea to learn how to enjoy the company of one another during holiday celebrations. You don’t have to spend a ton of time with your ex, but you should at least tolerate being around them for the sake of everyone else involved. Plus, it’s not good to be bitter and hold onto negativity. You will be much happier when you forgive and are at peace.

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2. Set an example: Traditions are a crucial part of the festivities this time of the year. Whether it’s making a gingerbread house, seeing the lights, attending midnight mass, decorating the Christmas tree, or visiting Santa, you should keep these traditions alive! Your kids want to be surrounded by you both, so don’t make them choose and don’t suffer by being alone. Put your differences aside.

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3. Just smile: Don’t worry; be happy. No matter how you may be feeling, push through it and stay strong for your family. Put on a happy face because your kids and family want to see you that way. It will not only make them feel better, but it will help you as well. This is the time of year when we are thankful for our blessings and are grateful for the relationships we have with loved ones. Look around and see how fortunate you are. There is so much to smile about in life!

What are some ways you have remained amicable with your ex for the holidays? Share your stories below.