Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Soon-to-Be Mom Terri Seymour Jokes About Simon Cowell’s Son Dating Her Daughter!Cupid's Pulse Article: Exclusive Celebrity Interview: Soon-to-Be Mom Terri Seymour Jokes About Simon Cowell’s Son Dating Her Daughter!

By Rebecca White

Terri Seymour is famously known for dating Simon Cowell for six years before their celebrity break-up in 2008. However, the Extra correspondent has moved on since then: She announced her celebrity pregnancy with boyfriend Clark Mallon in September and is excited to welcome their daughter into the world later this week. In our exclusive celebrity interview, the TV host opens up about her relationship with her ex and her celebrity baby news.

Terri Seymour Talks About Celebrity Ex Simon Cowell

As fate would have it, Seymour is due around the same time that Cowell celebrates his son Eric’s first birthday. The celebrity exes have remained close friends since their split, and the actress is even Eric’s godmother. Of course, the possibility of these two celebrity kids falling in love has been discussed among their closest friends. “Simon’s joked about that. He’s told me they will date, so we’ll see what happens,” she says with a laugh. “Eric is the most adorable, well-behaved little baby, so I’m sure he’ll grow up to be a lovely young man.”

It’s no surprise that she often wonders how Cowell ended up with such a sweet baby. “I’ve said to Simon before, ‘I can’t believe he’s your child!’ because he’s been so good since he was born,” the star gushes. For her daughter’s sake, she adds that they’ll “just have to make sure he doesn’t get on the naughty side!”

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Clearly, the celebrity exes have maintained a close friendship, despite their relationship and love life not working out so many years ago. “I think sometimes, when you’re in a relationship with somebody and you become such good friends, if you don’t have a terrible break-up, it makes it easier to remain friends,” Seymour shares in our celebrity interview. “If you have a terrible split, then that’s probably not going to happen.”

Cowell has even said that he will be the godfather of Seymour’s baby girl, although the TV host has yet to confirm.

TV Host Reveals Difficulties During Her Celebrity Pregnancy

A pregnancy can be hard on anyone, even more so if you have systemic lupus like Seymour does. “I had a lot of sickness in the first seven months — I felt sick the whole time basically,” she divulges. “Now, I’m just feeling very tired and getting ready for the big day.”

While her lupus had nothing to do with the sickness she felt, her doctors are still monitoring her and the baby closely. “They won’t let me go past my due date because of it,” the actress says. “They’re talking about maybe inducing me a little bit early.”

While preparing for a baby is a great bonding experience for a couple, it can also test their partnership. “Pregnancy is really hard on a relationship and love. I think it can be very stressful,” Seymour explains. “It can be hard for the guy, I think, when his wife, partner, girlfriend, whoever, is going crazy with all these hormone changes. We can be quite testy on them, like I’ve been for the last couple months! Towards the end, though, it just brings you even closer together.”

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Now that they’re in the homestretch, the famous couple is focusing on getting their daughter’s bedroom ready. “The nursery is really cute with a little bit of pink,” the celebrity mom-to-be says. “It’s got this very light-colored and fluffy cloud-like rug. We’re just doing the accessories now, like pillows, baskets, and toys. We’re trying to make it all cozy.”

It’s easy to see that the Extra correspondent and her celebrity love can’t wait to become parents. “I’m definitely most excited about meeting our daughter for the first time,” she reveals. “By the time you come to the end of your pregnancy, it feels like it’s been going on forever, so you just want to meet your healthy, beautiful, new baby. I’m excited about becoming a mom. It’s going to be life-changing.”

Still, the host isn’t going to let parenthood slow her down. In fact, she’s already got a new project in the works: “I’m designing a diaper bag because I’ve had terrible trouble finding a beautiful, cool bag,” she explains. “I’m really excited about that. I’m hoping it’s going to be ready when I have the baby because I still don’t have one!”

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