Cupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Is Having a Baby with Socialite Lauren SilvermanCupid's Pulse Article: Simon Cowell Is Having a Baby with Socialite Lauren Silverman

By Petra Halbur,

Simon Cowell is going to be a father! Multiple sources confirm that everyone’s favorite The X Factor judge and New York socialite, Lauren Silverman, are expecting a baby. The only complication is that Silverman is currently married to Cowell’s close friend, Andrew Silverman. Cowell’s UK rep tells People, “This is a very sensitive issue and all media enquiries are being dealt with by his U.S. attorney.” According to a source, the Silvermans have filed for divorce.

What are some ways to move on after an affair?

Cupid’s Advice:

So, you were involved in an affair. It’s over now but you’re having a hard time moving on. Cupid is here to help:

1. Own up: You were involved in an affair. You need to accept that you were doing something that is, by all convention, immoral before you move on.

2. Be single for a while: After the deterioration of any relationship, but especially after one as destructive as an affair, it’s a good idea to go solo for a while to get yourself together.

3. Seek counseling: It wouldn’t hurt to schedule an appointment with a professional to talk about why you got involved in such a relationship. You may not necessarily have “a problem” but it’s still worth talking to someone about.

How did you get over an affair? Tell us below.