Cupid's Pulse Article: Trista Sutter Reveals Celebrity News: Two Year Infertility BattleCupid's Pulse Article: Trista Sutter Reveals Celebrity News: Two Year Infertility Battle

By Katie Gray

The Bachelorette favorite, Trista Stutter, has been in the celebrity news a lot lately. The reality star opened up about her two year infertility battle with celebrity pregnancy that she faced before she got pregnant with her first child. She touches on this in her new book, Happily Ever After: The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart. According to, Sutter said, “I talk about in the book how we struggled with infertility for almost two years. I always wanted to be a mom, it was always my dream and although I wanted to be a career person for a very long time, overplaying that at all times was to become a mother.” Trista married Ryan in 2003, and they captured hearts around the country. They welcomed their son Max into the world in 2007 and daughter Blakesley two years later.

The latest celebrity news surrounding Trista and Ryan Sutter is not uncommon. What are some ways to support your partner through infertility struggles?

Cupid’s Advice:

People struggle to get pregnant all the time, and it can be emotionally draining. Cupid has some tips on how to support your partner:

1. Be there: The most important thing you can do is be there for your partner during this difficult time. Go with her to appointments, do some research, and seek out opinions and information from experts. Listen to what your partner says, so that they are being heard during this stressful and sad time. Let them know that they can vent to you!

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2. Show love: Make sure to remind your partner constantly how much you love them. Surprise them with little things to make them happy. Even though something you both want isn’t happening at the moment, reaffirm that the bond and love between you two is still present, forever and always!

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3. Stay positive: Although it can be hard, you have to stay positive at all times. Be encouraging and hopeful, so that your partner will stay that way, too. Remember there is always light at the end of the tunnel!

What are some ways you have supported your partner during this difficult time?