Cupid's Pulse Article: Trista Sutter Talks About Her “Strong Family Bond”Cupid's Pulse Article: Trista Sutter Talks About Her “Strong Family Bond”

By Maria Darbenzio

Trista Sutter, author of Happily Ever After, The Life Changing Power of a Grateful Heart, renewed her wedding vows with her husband Ryan in January as a way to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. As the mother of two young children, she knows how important it is to create a strong bond between family. The former Bachelorette talked with Celebrity Baby Scoop about creating that bond and how motherhood has changed her relationship with Ryan.

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CBS: What are Max and Blakesley looking forward to doing this summer?

TS: “I’ve signed them up for lots of little summer camps. Max will go to basketball camp and also attend a camp called Camp Invention, where they focus on science related stuff. Blakesley will go to dance camp and she is also looking forward to going to fairy camp, where they build tiny fairy houses by one of our local rivers. They’re really excited to do all of those things.”

CBS: Your family seems like you all have such a strong bond with one another. Is that something you work at?

TS: “Oh gosh, yeah. Spending quality time together is important to us. I make a point to ensure my kids know they are a priority in my life and that my husband is a priority in my life. My relationship with Ryan is the foundation of our family. So, yeah, we do have a strong family bond, but it takes effort and time to create it.”

CBS: You recently renewed your vows. How meaningful was that ceremony to you?

TS: “It was so incredibly meaningful and it was wonderful to be able share it with our kids. What you didn’t see on TV was that we included them in our vows. We vowed to always have fun together and always be there for each other. That was special. It was also wonderful to share it with friends and family who have been with us for the past 10 years. I know it was on television, but it was very intimate ceremony and I’m glad we did it.”

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CBS: How did becoming a mom change your relationship with Ryan?

TS: “Well, number one, it has decreased the amount of time I can spend with him. That’s because our kids demand a little bit more time from each of us. So, it’s changed in that way. But, honestly, our relationship has grown so much; I respect him so much more because he is such a wonderful father. Our relationship continues to thrive because we bond over our children and we both respect each other as parents.”

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