Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Model CariDee English Is “Off the Market Officially!”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Model CariDee English Is “Off the Market Officially!”

Interview by Whitney Johnson. Written by Rebecca White.

You may recognize CariDee English as the season 7 winner of America’s Next Top Model, but she has come a long way in her career since 2006. In our celebrity interview, the former reality TV star opens up about her current boyfriend, her struggle with Psoriasis and how it has affected her relationships and love life, and the upcoming music video that she stars in. Plus, she shares her best fashion and beauty tips for your next date night.

CariDee English Opens Up About Her Relationship and Love Life

Sorry, guys: This beautiful blonde is “off the market officially.” She’s been dating musician Ilan Rubin since they ran into each other at a Halloween party, but she admits that she “stalked him on Instagram for a couple of years” first. Given their shared passion for music, particularly drumming, she says, “I love the way he worked. First and foremost, I was in love with the artist in him.”

For women trying to find the courage to make the first move, take a cue from English: After she realized Rubin was flirting with her, she took the reins. “I definitely approached him. I picked him up 100 percent,” she shares. The couple has been together ever since!

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Since both of them travel often for work, they have to take advantage of date nights when they can. The models says her perfect time with her man is when she doesn’t have to share him with anyone else. She elaborates, “With work, we’re constantly out with other people, so it’s just nice to get all of his attention.”

When it comes to her three must-haves in a partner, English knows exactly what she wants: He needs a job; he needs to share some of her passions and interests; and most importantly, he needs to be loyal. “I can’t stress it enough: You can have the hottest guy with the best job, but if he’s not loyal, you’re gonna feel like shit,” she says in our celebrity interview.

Former Reality TV Star Shares Dating Advice in Celebrity Interview

Many fans now know English from the often-played Stelara commercials. Given her role as spokesperson for the medicine, it’s no surprise that she’s very candid when discussing her Psoriasis, which she’s had since she was five years old. “It really impacted my dating life. It’s the biggest reason why I’m so cool and half the reason why it took so long to lose my virginity,” she says with a laugh. “It’s something that you can’t cover up, and it’s something that you can feel to the touch.”

While not all of us struggle with something like Psoriasis, the North Dakota native recognizes that, “as women, we are always going to be uncomfortable about something.” She encourages you to “embrace whatever it is that’s less than perfect. The best way to find confidence is just to put time into yourself.” Something as simple as taking a walk two times a week can help you feel more in tune with yourself. “That automatically makes you feel more comfortable when it comes time to reveal your body in front of a partner,” she adds.

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English also believes that it’s important to share your insecurities with your partner once you are comfortable with them, even though the fear of rejection is so high. “They’re only going to love you more. I guarantee that,” she shares.

Of course, as much as you work on inner confidence, you’re outer appearance also affects how you ultimately feel. “Confidence comes from within, but it will show on the outside,” the model says. “Whenever I’m not feeling all that sure of myself, I’ll wear a bright lip or a powerful color like red and throw in a little extra time on my hair.” Whatever you do, don’t give into your self-doubt and decide not to go out. “Don’t let your insecurity win. Beat it with a punch — a punch of color,” she says.

If all else fails, English recommends wearing something black. “It’ll make you feel slinky and smooth and slender. It kind of makes you feel like a bad ass,” the star divulges. “A great leather jacket will go a long way to improve your mood too.”

To add a little pizazz to your dating life, try something new when it comes to your beauty routine. It can be as simple as putting on a new lipstick or as drastic as changing your hair color. Whatever you decide to do, English says, “Just commit to it. Go for it 100 percent and wear it with no apologies.”

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On a first date, though, you may want to keep your look simple. “The more you put on, the more upkeep you have to do,” she reminds us. “Make sure you bring everything needed for touch-ups!”

When she’s not modeling, English loves doing anything related to music. She’s currently working on a music video for the band Mini Mansions, which is Michael Shuman’s band, who is the bassist for Queens of the Stone Age. “I’m excited because I get to do my art, my modeling, but I get to do it in a live action way,”she says.

You can keep up with CariDee on Twitter @CariDeeEnglish and Instagram.