Cupid's Pulse Article: Bobbie Thomas on Date Night Fashion: “If You’re Looking to Have a Good Time, Don’t Be Uncomfortable!”Cupid's Pulse Article: Bobbie Thomas on Date Night Fashion: “If You’re Looking to Have a Good Time, Don’t Be Uncomfortable!”

By Sarah Batcheller

Style and beauty expert Bobbie Thomas knows a thing or two about fall fashion. First, that there’s no need to feel like you have to redo your entire wardrobe for the season. “There’s something for everyone,” Thomas explains in our celebrity interview. “I really like that seasonless style is around, where you can take a spring or summer item — like a bright color or floral pattern — and winterize it.” Of course, the best tip is always confidence. “You need to walk into a situation with…a mission to actually like what you see in the mirror instead of already assuming you’re not going to like that,” she shares.

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Bobbie Thomas Shares Fashion Advice in Celebrity Interview

This time of year, the one must-have for every girl’s closet is boots. “Riding boots happen to be my personal favorite because they just look so polished. You could be in leggings and a sweater, and they give you just enough heel, but they’re still so comfortable,” she says.

Thomas shares love advice too and encourages practicality for your date night looks. “If you’re looking to have a good time with someone, don’t be uncomfortable!” she reveals. “Make sure you can move around and wiggle in your clothes. You really want to wear something that you’ll be so comfortable in that you’ll be able to be yourself on that date.”

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Just like you want to find a loyal man, the TODAY Show style editor also encourages you to look for a loyal retailer. She’s teamed up with Kohl’s for their Yes2You rewards program. “In order to really expand your wardrobe, you want to shop smart,” she says. “That’s why I think it’s a really great idea to have a retail relationship as well as a real life one!”

You can keep up with Bobbie on Twitter @BobbieThomas. Check Kohl’s for the best fall fashion finds!

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