Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Contestants Deal with Jealousy — Chris Soules Can’t Stop Kissing Them!Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Contestants Deal with Jealousy — Chris Soules Can’t Stop Kissing Them!

By Emma L. Wells

Chris Soules certainly seemed to be enjoying himself during last night’s episode of The Bachelor season 19! Reality TV fans got to see multiple makeout sessions and enjoy a lot of laughs, thanks to a guest appearance by Jimmy Kimmel. According to, Soules kissed eight different women, claiming that it was simply part of the process of finding love. When asked by Mackenzie why he was macking with so many different honeys, he answered nervously that that’s just how he gets to know people. Becca was the only girl to deny his attempt at a smooch; instead, the two shared a sweet hug.

What are some ways to deal with jealousy when, like the contestants on The Bachelor season 19you aren’t exclusive yet?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s easy to get jealous during the beginning stages of relationships and love. OnThe Bachelor season 19, the contestants are forced to watch the man they’re all falling for go after multiple women at once. While a little jealousy can add heat to your romance, letting it consume you can have consequences. Whether you’re on reality TV or dating in real life, Cupid has some dating advice to help you handle your jealousy:

1. Honesty is key: Soules doesn’t — and can’t — hide his dalliances from the women on The Bachelor season 19. You should be honest with your partner too, no matter how hard it may be to tell him that you’re ready to go all in and stop dating other people. Besides, don’t you want to know if he’s seeing someone else? The only way to truly know for sure is to ask.

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2. It’s not a competition: Cut down on your jealousy by focusing on your relationship. You could drive yourself crazy comparing yourself to other people in your date’s life. Your relationship, even if it’s not exclusive yet, should be about just the two of you. Focus on the amazing time you have together and all the positive aspects of your partnership so far.

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3. Take the power back: Jealousy in relationships often stems from a lack of power. This doesn’t mean you need to control your partner’s actions, but you should assert your right to make your own decisions. For instance, don’t feel the need to match every move of your beau. Even if you’ve agreed that you’re not ready to be exclusive, you don’t have to date other people just because he is. You should do what feels right for you! Take a tip from Mackenzie and Becca and clarify what your boundaries are for the relationship.

What’s your best tip for dealing with jealousy in the early stages of dating? Tell us in the comments below!