Cupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Premiere: Chris Soules Meets 30 BachelorettesCupid's Pulse Article: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 19 Premiere: Chris Soules Meets 30 Bachelorettes

By Sarah Batcheller, Lori Bizzoco, and Whitney Johnson

If you watched the season 19 premiere of The Bachelor last night, you know that Chris Soules is in for quite a ride. The Arlington, Iowa native clearly has his hands full with this group of women! After getting booted by Andi Dorfman, there’s no telling which dynamic lady will steal his heart — and when we say dynamic, we mean it. His contestants range from a ballet instructor and a flight attendant (a profession that hasn’t reigned superior in Bachelor past) to a WWE Diva-in-Training and a former NFL Cheerleader. Some are hotties with big personalities, while others are more bashful and low-key. And then there’s the girl who depends a little too heavily on the bottle. Of course, they have one thing in common: They all want the same man. Ahh, aren’t you so glad to have season 19 of The Bachelor to start off the new year?

To help you keep up with the 30 bachelorettes vying for Prince Farming’s heart, we developed a “cheat sheet” with identifying details and our personal opinion of the women. Who will be sent home in tears? Who will embarrass themselves on national television? And, most importantly, who will get that final rose and prove to be the lady of Soules’s dreams? Read on to find out what we think. (Spoilers ahead!)

Which Bachelorette Will Win Chris Soules’s Heart on Season 19 of ‘The Bachelor’?

Top Contender
Britt, Waitress, Hollywood, CA
After only one night, we think Britt could easily win the single hunk’s heart with her sweet composure and warm personality. Her “free hug” idea was a perfect way to capture his attention. It gave him the chance to show his vulnerability, and she got him to open up and trust her. She even got the first impression rose and the first kiss! Nice job! A+ for how to win a man. Still, we have to wonder: What would an L.A. girl do on a farm?

Most Likely to Make Babies
Whitney, Fertility Nurse, Chicago, IL
Whitney is an adorable girl, and Soules said he is excited about her. How could he not be? The girl is smiling from ear to ear and living on cloud nine with her positivity. She sees possibility in everything, including the fact that, because she is a fertility specialist, she could help him raise baby hogs. Not sure her high-pitched, fast-talking, bubbly voice would be a good fit for the laid-back environment of the farm though. She would need to slow down…way down!

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Winner of the Bachelorette Look-alike Contest
Kelsey, Guidance Counselor, Austin, TX
We had to do a double-take when we saw Kelsey exit the limo. For a moment, it looked like Molly Maloney (now Mesnick) had stepped back into the scene! This short-haired widow would win the former Bachelor contestant look-alike contest if there was such a thing, but what she is really hoping for is to win Soules’s heart. Only time will tell!

Award for Turning The Bachelor on During the Limo Introduction
Megan, Makeup Artist, Nashville, TN 
“Blondie.” “You’re gorgeous.” “Blue eyes.” “I am nervous.” “This is crazy.” We thought for a moment that the farmer was going to run away with Megan right then and there! It was obvious that he was extremely attracted to her. One thing though: We were shocked that she was the only one, aside from Tara, who looked like she wasn’t wearing makeup.

Best Dressed and Best Eyelashes
Ashley I., Freelance Journalist, Wayne, NJ
This East Coaster gets two awards: One for being absolutely stunning in her formal dress and the other for her long and just as stunning eyelashes. The girl is drop-dead gorgeous, but we need to see if her inside is as pretty as her outside. So far, she is nervous about the other girls, which really makes no sense. Confidence is key, Ashley!

Hardest to Figure Out
Trina, Special Education Teacher, San Clemente, CA
Hello, Farmer Chris! Trina’s expression and facial reactions didn’t really match her words. There is something somewhat phony about her…but we haven’t quite figured it out yet. Stay tuned for more.

Craziest Profession
Reegan, Donated Tissue Specialist, Manhattan Beach, CA
It’s a toss-up between embalmer Shawntel Newton and this donated tissue specialist for the craziest profession. Reegan brought biohazard waste to meet a man she’s trying impress. Really? Fake heart or not, there are some things that are just too much, too soon!

Official Train Wreck
Tara, Sport Fishing Enthusiast, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
The girl was probably the first in Bachelor history to show up dressed casually. She exited the limo with Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots to show Soules her “real” side. She later changed into a little black dress, climbed into an empty limo, and reintroduced herself as a lady. Unfortunately, she threw down so much Jameson, Jack, and Johnnie (her BFFs, as she mentioned) that she couldn’t pull off the classy lady for longer than 30 seconds. Still, the man of the hour (surprisingly) gave her a rose. We can’t wait to see what she does next!

Biggest Baby
Amber, Bartender, Chicago, IL
We’re not sure what to say here. A 29-year-old woman who still needs her teddy bear for comfort? She definitely doesn’t scream “marriage material” to us, but at least she made a memorable impression!

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Worst Stolen Moment
Nikki, Former NFL Cheerleader, New York, NY
We couldn’t help but be disappointed that this beautiful brunette’s first moment with Soules was interrupted by Tara’s dramatic second hello. Lucky for us, Prince Farming got to know her a bit better at the cocktail party and decided to keep her around!

Wackiest Secret Admirer
Amanda, Ballet Teacher, Lake in the Hills, IL
The idea was good, but the girl is a bit off. As Britt put it, she has big eyes that are almost as scary big as those of Ashley S. As beautifully graceful and sincere as ballet is, Amanda is a little awkward. She even admitted in the confessional booth that she was single because she is crazy!

Most Likely to Bench Press The Bachelor
Jillian, New Producer, Washington, D.C.
Jillian has to be the girl most likely to beat the crap out of you! She’s pretty but needs to tone down the testosterone and up her femininity if she wants to make it far in this competition. As of now, she doesn’t seem like much of a match for small town guy.

Simplest Single Mom
Mackenzie, Dental Assistant, Maple Valley, VA
This young mom has a cute little boy and is looking for a husband. She asked Chris about his farm and did some watercolor painting with him. He gave her an education on Alfalfa, and the rest is history. Mackenzie is much simpler than the other women, so that may make it hard for her to compete.

Most Awkward Limo Exit (among other things)
Ashley S., Hairstylist, Brooklyn, NY
This was one of the most awkward limo exits we’ve ever seen. Why it wasn’t edited is beyond us, but this girl didn’t even look at Soules. She got out and looked around, as if she were high, lost, or confused. Maybe she tried out for the wrong show? During the cocktail party, she spoke in metaphor about being like an onion. Enough said!

Worst Sense of Humor—Ever!
Kaitlyn, Dance Instructor, Vancouver, BC
This girl had a great presence when she exited the limo. But as soon as she opened her mouth, it was all over. She introduced herself by telling an inappropriate joke that didn’t seem all that funny. Soules later shut her down when she offered to tell yet another corny joke. Despite her awkwardness, the Bachelor was impressed with how down-to-earth she is.

After the farmer enjoyed some time with the first 15 ladies, the next group of women showed up. The first four to arrive — Samantha, Michelle, Juelia, and Becca — were a bit…boring. They were all gorgeous (no surprise there) but didn’t offer much in terms of exciting introductions.

Hottest Introduction
Tandra, Executive Assistant, Sandy, UT
There’s no doubt that this girl made an entrance: She drove in on motorcycle in a beautiful dress. It was graceful, and she was showing Soules that they had something immediately in common (he rides a motorcycle too). She also revealed that, as much as she could be a lady, she could let her hair down too. Even the other women thought it was an amazing way to say hello!

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Lamest Prop
Alissa, Flight Attendant, Hamilton, NJ
Alissa is adorable but may be a little immature for Soules. We’re still on the fence. For her introduction, she took an airplane seatbelt and put it around his waist. It was a nice technique to get close to him, but she’ll need to step it up in order to compete with the other ladies in the house.

Best Ice Breaker
Jordan, Student, Windsor, CO
We didn’t get to see much of Jordan tonight, but from what we did see, we like her. She was smart enough to bring the nervous Bachelor two mini-sized bottles of whiskey, which they proceeded to drink together. Something to keep in mind, ladies: Figure out what he likes and do that!

Worst Miss Piggy Impersonation
Nicole, Real Estate Agent, Scottsdale, AZ
Nicole walked out of the limo with what looked like a handmade pig nose that was secured with elastic around her head. It was a cute idea, but it didn’t really go over as well as she had hoped. She was sent on her way.

Worst Way to Wear a Doily
Brittany, WWE Diva-in-Training, Orlando, FL
Two strikes for Brittany, thanks to her horrendous outfit (and we mean horrendous) and tacky “Soulesmate” poster. She looked like she was wearing a gigantic doily. If this was a hand-me-down from her great, great grandmother, we apologize, but it wasn’t even nice enough for the dining room furniture.

Worst Serenade
Carly, Cruise Ship Singer, Arlington, TX
Carly took her pink, girly karaoke machine and serenaded Soules with a song that she wrote for him. Interestingly, she did this while wearing a fluffy-looking chiffon dress. Carly is a cruise ship singer, which somewhat explains the cheese factor in her gimmick. She was sent back to the ship, her singing was not enough to get her a rose!

Most Adorable Introduction
Tracy, Fourth Grade Teacher, Wellington, FL
Too cute for words. She read a note to the handsome farmer from one of her students, basically telling him to take care of her teacher and that she thinks he’s cute and that she likes roses. What’s not to like?

Of course, there were other contestants — Jade, Kara, Kimberly, and Bo — but they didn’t make a memorable enough impression for us to include them on our list. Unfortunately, at the end of last night’s episode, Soules sent home eight women: Nicole, Amanda, Kara, Kimberly, Bo, Brittany, Michelle, and Reegan. Kimberly went back inside for the rose she didn’t get…and we were left with another Bachelor cliffhanger.

The Bachelor airs on ABC on Mondays at 8/7c. Check back next week for our recap!