Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Pregnancy: Kate Middleton Says She Can Feel Baby KickingCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Pregnancy: Kate Middleton Says She Can Feel Baby Kicking

By Rebecca White

Celebrity babies are carefully monitored by the media from the moment a celebrity pregnancy is announced. According to, Kate Middleton recently revealed the latest in celebrity baby news, which is that she can feel her baby kicking! When a famous couple is expecting, keeping family and friends updated is not hard to do since they can easily Google the latest happenings. It’s really too bad most of us don’t all have that luxury!

Celebrity babies are monitored publicly from the time a pregnancy is announced. What are three cute ways to keep family and friends updated on your pregnancy?

Cupid’s Advice:

Unlike a celebrity pregnancy, the average person does not have the media closely following every step of the process. Don’t fear, because Cupid has some advice on how to fill in your family and friends on the latest with your bundle of joy:

1. Keep a pregnancy calendar on Facebook: By keeping a pregnancy calendar on Facebook, your family and friends can regularly check in to see the latest news! Follow your baby’s progress with weekly posts and videos, so everyone is involved in the process.

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2. Pregnancy journal and baby diary: A journal or diary can be kept the old fashioned way, or you can check out websites dedicated to informing your loved ones of all the memories you are making. Share pictures and record your experiences so people close to you can stay up to date.

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3. Weekly phone calls: Instead of keeping up with social media during your pregnancy, try weekly phone calls to the people that matter. Not only will they appreciate being kept in the loop, but they can plan a baby shower and buy gifts for the newest member of your family!

How do you keep your family updated on your pregnancy? Comment below!