Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Mom: Kate Middleton Prepares for Sleepless Nights of ParenthoodCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Mom: Kate Middleton Prepares for Sleepless Nights of Parenthood

By Andrea Surujnauth

Kate Middleton is keeping details about her pregnancy well under wraps, but she proudly expresses the fact that she is prepared for all the upcoming sleepless nights. According to, the royal couple was handing out traditional shamrock sprigs to the officers and guardsmen at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade when Sergeant Thomas Laven got the chance to briefly speak to the Duchess of Cambridge. Sergeant Laven, who has a 7-month-old son of his own, told reporters, “I congratulated her on the impending birth and said, ‘You’ve got sleepless  nights to come.’ She said she was prepared  for it.”

How do you compromise with your partner when it comes to night-time parent duty?

Cupid’s Advice:

Having a baby is a magical experience….until one of you has to get up multiple times during the night. How can the two of you handle the night-time shift of parenthood fairly so you both get a chance to sleep? Don’t worry, Cupid has some suggestions:

1. Alternate days: The two of you can alternate on who ever gets the night shift of parenthood. One night you do it, the other night your partner does it. This way the responsibility is equally split up between the two of you.

2. Weekend/ Weekday: If one of you works while the other stays home, you can split the night shift up by week and weekdays. If you are the one that stays home, then let your partner sleep throughout the night during weekdays while you get up. Then on weekends your partner can get up while you sleep.

3. Divide the night: If you don’t think you can make it through a whole night getting up constantly, then you and your partner should split the night in half. You can stay up late and then your partner can get up early. This way you both will be able to get some sleep every night and your bundle of joy will still be well taken care of.

How do you compromise night duty with your partner? Comment below and let us know!