Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Twilight’ Star Taylor Lautner Splits from Marie AvgeropoulosCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Break-Up: ‘Twilight’ Star Taylor Lautner Splits from Marie Avgeropoulos

By Maggie Manfredi

Taylor Lautner is single again, ladies! According to, the Twilight star and his girlfriend Marie Avgeropoulos are now celebrity exes after over a year of being together. The couple met on the set of Tracers in the summer of 2013. A source said the celebrity break-up was amicable, but the young starlets never announced their relationship publicly in the first place. Lautner has a short list of other celebrity exes who were also his costars, including Lily Collins and Taylor Swift.

We find out about celebrity break-ups through the tabloids, but most of us have to announce our splits to family and friends. What are three different ways to announce that your relationship is over?

Cupid’s Advice: 

It’s not hard to find out about a celebrity break-up because it’s splashed all over pop culture magazines and blogs. For most of us though, we have to find a way to tell our family and friends about what went down. Cupid has some advice on how to share the bad news:

1. Talk to people you trust: If you want to share the news but only to your closest loved ones, do so directly. Simply sit them down and tell them what happened with as much detail as you prefer. Those who care about you will listen and stand by you as you take the next steps in your life. They may even have some valuable pieces of love advice!

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2. Take to social media: Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on your outlook, we are a society that shares a lot online. So, when you feel good about it, change that relationship status or turn that profile picture into a proud selfie.

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3. Let the news come out on its own: If you don’t want to announce your break-up, you don’t have to. It is your life and your relationship, so move forward as you like. Those around you will naturally notice that you no longer hang out with your ex, and the news will be crystal clear without an awkward announcement.

Who do you think Taylor Lautner’s next celebrity love will be? Share your predictions below!